“Beregun” residential water meters are designed for the total water consumption metering in water-supply systems. The meters are registered in the List of water metering units, recommended for the installation in the apartments of Moscow.

“Beregun” LED lamps are designed for usage in common areas, streets and roads, storage and industrial buildings, offices and social facilities, as well as for architectural and landscape lighting.

Automatic switches “Beregun” and BRG Electro are the devices of modern generation, designed to protect electrical cicuits and perform operational control over the electrical circuit arms.

“Beregun” residential energy accounting meters are designed for the metering of active energy in residential and public buildings, as well as for registering and keeping values of consumed energy.

Gas meters are designed both for public utilities and production industries. The principle of action is based on reading of gas flow vibration frequency in the process of its’ running through the metering body.

Ultrasonic heat meter is used for measuring and display of information related to the quantity of consumed Gcal within the operating heating system.

“Beregun” fitting is manufactured of the safe high-quality alloy with nickel coat, provided with all the necessary certificates and conforms fully to the State Standards.

About us

“Beregun” supplies certificated production manufactured in Russia under its own trademark. Our products are of high quality, affordable and provided with the long-term manufacturer guarantee. The contractual plan enables to offer our customers a vide variety of advantages and discounts.


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Certificate ISO 9000
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